Sunday, January 9, 2011

Historical videos re: CFS on youtube

Crime of deception: XMRV epidemic the CDC calls 'CFS' (1 of 6)

Although this video is labeled with 'XMRV', that retrovirus is not mentioned in this video; XMRV and related MLVs have not yet been proven to cause ME/CFS. Nevertheless, "crime of deception" is still an adequate name for what the CDC has been doing since it was brought to their attention over 20 years ago that patients have lesions in their brains similar to those of HIV/AIDS patients, whom we know are infected with an infectious retrovirus.

As of 2011, the funding for research into the cause(s) of CFS is only $5 million, less than for hay fever or erectile disfunction. The possible reasons for this lack of an attempt to find the viral cause(s) and the attempt to divert biomedical attention from the disease are discussed in this series of 6 videos.

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